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Subject:Dishes the Grandmother way
Time:04:33 pm
When I was a kid I didn't have a dish washer. I say I because my grandmother and my mom would say they had 3 dish washers, me and my two sisters. Since my mom learned to wash dishes from grandmother and my mom taught me, I was washing dishes the way my grandmother washed dishes. My grandmother was a child of the depression so her way of washing dishes is based on the philosophy of preserving as much of everything as possible "waste not want not" was a phrase I heard a lot growing up.

To do the dishes. First you have to rinse all the dishes off and make sure all the cups and glasses are empty. Then you rinse out the sink and fill it with very hot soapy water. The water has to be very hot so it stays hot for all the dishes. Then you wash anything glass first before the water gets greasy. No streaks on the glasses. Then all the dishes for babies so they are nice and clean. Then onto cups, bowls, plates, flatware, and then finally pots and pans. But the worse part was that both my mom and my grandmother had the same plaque hanging over the sink. So no matter whose house I was at, doing dishes I see they same words over and over and they drove me crazy. I found those words very patronizing as I stood there and did the dishes.

Fast forward to today. Due to circumstance and budgetary issues we no longer have a house keeper. So I have been doing the dishes. Right now we do not have our dishwasher installed, and the water heater for our flat is also used by the laundry room. So doing dishes the grandmother way is quite appropriate. And with the budgetary pressures bearing down on us those words that used to drive me crazy have come back to me. But now as a father and a husband those words are not so patronizing. In fact they offer some solace when things seem hard and you don't know what is going to happen next.

Dirty dishes,
They have a tale to tell.
While others may be going hungry,
We are eating very well.
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Subject:For those who believe in NRE
Time:02:50 pm

First Kiss


The night has gone late,

and I am happy.


The world around us,

has ceased to exist.


I look into her eyes

and see a wish.


The air around us,

is soft and inviting.


I lean forward,

tentative at first.


She leans forward,

with eyes closed.


Our lips touch,

and hers are soft.


Slowly we find our way,

exploring these new lips.


Our kiss gets bolder,

as tongues touch.


Little shivers tingle,

up and down my back.


We press our lips a little harder,

becoming one for a moment.


Unwillingly we break away,

wanting more and more.


There will be more kisses,

maybe even better ones.


But there will be none like this,

the first kiss.


                                                -KPB 1/26/08

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Subject:Texas Is Biggest Carbon Polluter
Time:07:00 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused

That's a shocker.  ;-^)

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Current Location:home
Subject:The Spitter has split
Time:06:47 pm
Current Mood:frustratedfrustrated
Today I was supposed to do a simple job of hooking the renter's TV to the satellite system. The splitter that DirecTV had given me a couple of years ago has been misplaced. So off to Radio Shack I go, the paradise island of technology for Geeks, to find another splitter. I take the time to talk to one of the natives inhabiting this paradise to make sure I get the right kind of splitter for the setup I have. So guess what happens, the splitter does not work, but not right away, it pretends at first to work to waste my time. After an hour on the phone with DirecTV I have to give in and blame the splitter. So off the to the new age Geek paradise, Best Buy, and their mighty force against the perils of technology the Geek Squad. I blend in as a native, even giving homage to the Magnolia Home Theater Temple to please the local gods. My efforts are paid off as the head Geek himself makes an appearance and offers to sooth my troubles.

So I explain the problem I had with the last splitter and how it was blocking the signal for only the odd number transponders but the not the even number transponders. He ponders for a second and then bows to the Magnolia Home Theater Temple and says what you need is this here golden splitter made for digital signals.

Off to home I go feeling confident that I have found the answer to my woes. After all I spoke with the head Geek himself. Oh but I thought too soon. The golden splitter with digital signal technology blocks all of the transponders. As my hopes of accomplishing this one little task in a single day are dashed against the rocky shores of life, I take solace in the fact that at least this splitter was consistent and blocked all transponder signals so I wouldn't be fooled into thinking it was working like the first splitter.

So part 2 of the great splitter hunt will continue tomorrow.
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Subject:For those who Ride Horses
Time:09:36 pm
Current Mood:nostalgicnostalgic

Majestic Beauty

Majestic beauty of brown and white,
rest on four legs of strength and agility.

Pools of honey brown eyes watch
every movement of my approach.

The quiver of anticipation as I
rub my hand along her back.

The warmth of breath on my neck
as I hug this graceful animal.

The confident stance of understanding
as I sit blanket and saddle upon her.

The longing of the run in her eyes
as I climb aboard.

We are not rider and horse,
but one soul join together.

Wind whistles through our mane,
light dancing on our coat.

We have no destination or end,
just open expanse to explore.

Am I worthy of the trust
this beautiful creature has given me.

This ride has ended,
but our journey has just begun.

The unspoken agreement,
there will be a next time.

Tears swell in my eyes,
as I thank her for choosing me.


                                  -KPB  7/26/2006

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